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Seattle Public Library - July 2005

Exterior (131kb) Exterior (150kb) Exterior detail (135kb) IMG_1319.jpg (99kb)
Red Stairs (65kb) Red Hallway (41kb) Views (97kb) Reflections (63kb)
Reflections in Red (80kb) Study Desks (128kb) From the inside, out (78kb) Shadows (85kb)
View through grid work (87kb) Looking down (80kb) R970 (79kb) Yellow Escalator (88kb)
Yellow Escalator (86kb) Study desks (82kb) View through grid work (101kb) Visions (119kb)
Bruce at computer (69kb) Yellow escalots (54kb) Sky lights (118kb) Looking up (108kb)
Angles (85kb) View through grid work (101kb) IMG_1376.jpg (79kb) Red 4-seater (35kb)
Rows of desks (102kb) dir dir dir dir (56kb) Relatives (104kb) Bruce in stacks (102kb)
Bruce in seats (51kb) Plays (64kb) View through grid work (91kb) Sculture (91kb)
Map (86kb) Mount Ranier through the window (38kb) Aviation (42kb) Looking down (76kb)
Looking around (50kb) Angles (123kb)    
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