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Squam Lake Vacation 2003
photos by Betsy Miller

Bight Path Sign (76kb) Emma and Blake Climbed Rattlesnake! (88kb) Emma with Bruce and Betsy (71kb)
Emma taking in the View (118kb) Emma and Blake on the Trail (128kb) Russ and Tracey Relaxing (82kb)
Nice Day! (69kb) Sailing with Emma and Blake (60kb) Russ Takes Emma and Blake for a Ride! (91kb)
Russ and Bruce Looking for Wind (62kb) Russ and Tracey Take a Spin (64kb) Rachel in Red, White and Blue (51kb)
Rachel and Her Paper Towel... (42kb) Sleeping Loon? (93kb) The Loon Awake (118kb)
See That Red Eye? (111kb) The Deephaven Bight Loon (137kb) Rachel (82kb)
Emma (106kb) Rachel Clapping (117kb) Loon Island Picnic Gang (108kb)
We had a Great Time! (83kb) Robin and Tracey (75kb) Drinks at Robin's Cabin (66kb)
Tracey and Emma (58kb) Great Porch! (90kb) Russ and Rachel Relaxin' (59kb)
Getting Ready for the Wacky Canoes (100kb) Great Cayaks! (97kb) The Guys! (57kb)
Blake and Russ in the Wacky Canoe Races (94kb) Bruce Relaxin' (92kb) Rachel on the Dock (83kb)
Emma (60kb) Rachel Ready for Scuba? (45kb) Dad Relaxin' (63kb)
Dad and the Grandkids in the Golf Cart (89kb) Austin (46kb) Blake Getting Thrown In! (85kb)
Family Photo (87kb) Family Photo Take Two (86kb) Another? (99kb)
The Kids (103kb) Austin and the Cousins (105kb) The Family (124kb)
The Family Again (105kb) Blake and Emma (76kb) Aunt Betsy and Emma (56kb)
4th of July Parade (102kb) The Band (115kb) Bruce and Russ (106kb)
Blake in Raffi's Car (82kb) Rachel in the Wheel Barrow (88kb) The Hay Ride (100kb)
Blake Getting Dunked (109kb) Emma Getting Dunked (121kb) The Relay Race (137kb)
Visiting Barbara and Harry (55kb) Visiting Barbara and Harry (57kb)  

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  July 16, 2003